Sweet Memories of Saddleworth

Sweet Memories of Saddleworth

Sweet Memories of Saddleworth

You may have read in the local news that a couple of sweet shops not far from here have closed down recently.

Sweet Memories of Saddleworth opened in 2010, known to many as “Uppermill’s Sweet Shop”, is still going strong.

In fact they’re going from strength to strength!

To say that Craig and Karen’s have done a great job of building up a HUGE selection of sweets is an understatement.

As soon as you walk into the place, you can smell the scrumptious sugar and it immediately evokes memories of your childhood, there are giant models of all your old favourite sweets scattered around the shop, along with sweet signs and tins from the past.

In fact, you’re quite bowled over by the amazing “sweet” theme as soon as you walk into the place.

Sweetie Jars & Lollies

Sweetie Jars & Lollies

There are over 250 different jars of sweets, over 40 different types of lollies alone

Just like the old days, the walls of the shops are lined with jars upon jars of all your favourites and hundreds of other sweets, with the most enormous variety of sugary flavours that you could ever wish for.

Not only do the sweets (of course) taste amazing, but tasting some of them brings back some childhood memories for me.

Sweet Memories of Saddleworth also offer sweet gifts and sweets for special occasions including Gift Jars & Baskets, Wedding Favours & Valentines Gifts

Belgian Chocolate Pizza

Belgian Chocolate Pizza

One of their most recent additions is a Belgian Chocolate Pizza, complete with pizza box, chocolate base, grated chocolate and sweetie toppings

One of the other really amazing things about Sweet Memories of Saddleworth is the large amount of Sweetie memorabilia that you’ll find scattered around the shop.

From original sweet shop signs, to antique sweet tins, an old mechanical cash register and if you look carefully you’ll even find an original Marathon Bar (Marathon bars were renamed to “Snickers” in 1990), an original packet of Opal Fruits – made to make your mouth water!  And an original Barratt’s Sherbet Fountain.

Penny SweetsOriginal SweetsLolliesSweet Memories of Saddleworth

You’ll find Sweet Memories of Saddleworth right on Uppermill High Street – Number 41

You can phone them on 01457 238233

Right now there’s no web site, but stay tuned for more information to follow!