Windows Firewall Blocked netsession_win.exe

I suspect thousands of Windows users are just about to start seeing this message appearing on their screen, just like we’ve had on Windows 7 :

This alert happens when Windows detects new software that it doesn’t recognise running on the system that is trying to access the Internet.

Having looking into this, it seems that netsession_win.exe looks like it’s part of a piece of safe software from a well known and trusted company called Akamai.  You might not have heard of Akamai, but the chances are that you’ll be using their services every day as they provide Internet acceleration services to many well known brands.

So the question arises why did Windows try to block netsession_win.exe if it’s safe?

Truth be known, your Windows computer runs lots of stuff in the background that you hardly ever see, and if it’s working properly, then you never really should see it or have to care about it, so at this stage it looks like it’s a mistake – which is why you’re seeing this message.

Whilst we can’t say definitely one way or another because it’s still too early to tell, we’ve decided that Akamai is a reputable brand, so we’re going to allow this, and so far there’s been no problems :)

(Urban Haze accepts no responsibility for changes you make to your computer as a result of reading this article or any other information on this web site!!)

If you see a similar message but it has a different path or name, then be warned – this is something different from Akami’s netsession_win.exe
– so leave it blocked and seek technical help from your nearest friendly computer geek!!
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